Are you in search of an original gift that's both new and unique? You've come to the right place, but be warned – it's highly addictive and not for the faint of heart! We're talking about "Banana Girls," a sophisticated erotic card game filled with cheeky and alluring ladies ready to spin your world.
"Banana Girls" is not your typical card game. It boasts 48 original cards featuring 16 comic book-style mini-stories. With three exciting game types, it will challenge your memory, focus, perception, and strategic skills. The game is elegantly packaged in a luxurious box, suitable for everyone. It's the perfect gift for couples looking to add some spice, but it accommodates up to 5 players.
Each story consists of 3 cards, each marked with colored dots in the top left corner. Stories begin with a single dot and escalate to three dots, indicating the level of naughtiness. Curious for more? Don't hesitate – order the game now and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
"Banana Girls" was brought to life by Mazacio, a graphic designer, illustrator, and tattoo artist based in Prague.
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